Emacs support and vastly better MPD support.

Original A psychic playlist generator. Like StumbleUpon for your music. More players! Clementine support added. Emacs support and vastly better MPD support. Editable
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Requires python and something to play music. No support for your player? I want to add it!

Think of it as StumbleUpon for your music library. It presents you with one command. Run this command (or bind it to a hotkey) and it will try to guess what you are interested in listening to. If it guesses wrong, run it again. It keeps a log of everything you don't like (and makes a big graph of how your tastes are related) and will quickly give you something you want to hear.

To use:

  1. Launch albumbler. It will create the .config/ files.
  2. Edit config/albumbler/albumbler.conf, setting "musicpaths" for where your tunes are located.
  3. If you have multiple music paths, separate them with commas.
  4. Launch "albumbler sync". It will cache the directory structure, essential for remote file shares.
  5. Launch albumbler to your heart's content!

Albumbler was born out of the frustration of using "rating" based media players, and the paradox of too much choice that led me to listening to the same five albums over and over. When you use Albumbler, it randomly chooses an album which you probably want to hear. If it guessed wrong, launch the app again. It takes note that its earlier guess was no good and (using some graph theory) rapidly learns.

I've been using Albumbler for the past several years. It is fast, stable and accurate. It is just not very flexible. I'd like to add support for more types of notification (gnome, kde, the like) and more media players.

Just tell me what media player you'd like to see. If you want to make my life really easy, mention how to clear/add/play the playlist. Otherwise I will read docs and guess.

There are a few options for some flexibility. You can exclude directories with the ~/.config/albumbler/excludes file. Otherwise, all options are set in ~/.config/albumbler/config

  • MusicPaths - Comma separated list of places to find music.
  • Player - Choice of music player.
  • Notify - Choice of notification alert.
  • TimeWindow - Seconds before it think you liked music. Default 60.
  • MaxPlaylist - Avoid sending huge directories to the player. Default 1000.
  • MinPlaylist - Avoid sending nearly empty directories. Default 3.
  • PlaylistExts - Comma separated list of extensions to treat as playlists.
  • Tested players: mocp, cmus, mpd, gmusicbrowser, clementine
  • Untested players: rhythmbox, audacious, xmms2, emms
  • Tested notifiers: console, notify-send, ratpoison
  • Untested notifiers: