No matter what, you've got the wiki.

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This project makes the Arch Wiki accessible and portable. The existing arch-wiki-docs package is a simple unorganized dump of html files, while arch-wiki-lite goes a few steps further:

  • extremely fast search engine (with regex support)
  • console viewer (with highlighting of links and regex matches)
  • language filtering (with a summary of languages by page count)
  • 1/9th the size

Arch-wiki-lite is designed to offer the smoothest possible experience for the poor person stuck without internet access or any way of starting a graphical web browser. Here is a sample run:

$ wiki-search suspend
0  Suspending_to_Disk_with_hibernate-script  00002479.html
1  Suspending_to_RAM_with_hibernate-script   00004319.html
2  Pm-utils                                  00003964.html
3  Tuxonice                                  00006750.html

$ wiki-search 1
[page #1 pops up in less or $PAGER]

$ wiki-search --lang
    210 简体中文
    182 Русский
    177 Italiano
     84 Česky
     80 Türkçe
     68 Français

$ export wiki_lang="Italiano"
$ wiki-search xorg
0  Xorg_(Italiano)                    00003441.html
1  ATI_Catalyst_(Italiano)            00009340.html
2  Beginners'_Guide_(Italiano)        00003672.html

The results are sorted by how many times the search term was found in the page.

The content of arch-wiki-lite is identical to arch-wiki-docs.