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Did you know that of the 26 thousand packages we have in the AUR, over 44 hundred don't have someone to take care of them?

Many are out of date or don't even compile. The rest will soon also succumb to bit rot.

Chances are, you depend on a few of these programs in your day to day life. Show your apps that you do care.

Download Aurphan here: aurphan.tar.gz or with pacman -S aurphan

In a few short seconds, a bash script will compare your installed packages to a list of packages in need, with links to where you can learn more about them.

Together, we can give all orphaned software a home.

If you are an Arch developer, you are eligible to adopt official packages. Find these formerly supported, now abandoned, packages with aurphan --packages If a fellow TU needs you to water their plants, feed their cat or update their applications, find them with aurphan --maintainer [nickname] Or if you are a very generous dev, use aurphan --eligible and help increase the officially supported software.

What if you can't provide long term support for a package, but still want to help out? There are two options just for you. Maybe a bug is open and you can contribute a fix. Find these packages' bugs with aurphan --bugs. Finally, the master todo list tracks the progress of large changes through Arch. Use aurphan --todo to see what packages you can make complete.

    Without options, displays help.
-p --packages
    Search official packages for orphans
-m --maintainer [nickname]
    finds packages from a dev/TU, useful when they feel overworked
-t --todo
    Search todo list
-b --bugs
    Search bugtracker
-e --eligible
    Search AUR for popular packages
-a --aur
    Search AUR for orphans



  • Make --bugs prettier and filterable by maintainer.