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November 23, 2010: More links.

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Did you know that of the 26 thousand packages we have in the AUR, over 44 hundred don't have someone to take care of them?

Many are out of date or don't even compile. The rest will soon also succumb to bit rot.

Chances are, you depend on a few of these programs in your day to day life. Show your apps that you do care.

Download Aurphan here: aurphan.tar.gz

In a few short seconds, a bash script will compare your installed packages to a list of packages in need, with links to where you can learn more about them.

Together, we can give all orphaned software a home.


This a just a little bash script to help make the Arch User Repository a slightly better place. When you run it (on Arch) Aurphan looks for any orphaned packages you have installed. Then it outputs a few columns of info, including a link.

Download: aurphan.tar.gz


* Man page and --help

* Display out-of-date status Prettier columns Stop parsing with regex Less useless use of pipes Make wget faster