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Sox and OSX are anagrams.

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Some notes on running it: It should chime about once a second. If the speed is messed up, vary the rate variable on the second line. No clue what it depends on, but values seem to range between 4000 and 256000. Forcing a bitrate with pv might help. If it spits out an error about /dev/dsp, edit the last line. Replace > /dev/dsp with | aplay -r 64000 and try it again. If you are on OSX, use | sox -t raw -r 64k -c 1 -e unsigned -b 8 - -d after installing Sox. If it stutters (though you'll need to be on a low end pentium 2), use mawk instead of gawk. It'll run about four times faster. You can also get rid of all the trailing slashes to make a scary looking one-liner.

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