C100P Tweaks

Now with charging limits!

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  • /etc/modprobe.d/c100p.modules.conf - keeps wifi working
  • /etc/tmpfiles.d/c100p.backlight.conf - user permissions on the backlight
  • sudoers - a couple of passwordless commands (suspend and sddm)
  • c100p.bl-adjust.sh - quadratic ramp, takes "up/down" as an argument
  • c100p.tablet-mode.c - detects orientation and disables keyboard/touchpad, also requires xorg-xinput and compiling
  • c100p.vol-adjust.sh - takes "up/down/toggle" as an argument, also requires alsa-utils
  • c100p.status.sh - displays a bunch of system info
  • c100p.auto-suspend.sh - smartest idle detection yet, also requires xprintidle
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