C100P Tweaks

Now with charging limits!

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The c100p.auto-suspend.sh script requires a little explanation. I really don't like my computer entering suspend at a bad time. Closed the lid? I don't want to lose my wifi connection. Simple X11 idle time? Maybe I'm not in X. Or I'm compiling a build, downloading updates, etc. So the auto-suspend checks a half a dozen criteria every minute. After several minutes of idleness it blasts a warning across the screen. And one minute after that it finally enters suspend. Note that there is no way to detect idle time on the TTY. To hack around this, adjust your ~/.bashrc with PROMPT_COMMAND="touch /tmp/.bashidle" and the last-modified time of that file will be a proxy for tty idle time. (Obviously this has flaws if you simply stay in one program like emacs instead of your local shell, adjust accordingly.) ZSH requires further hackery for the equivalent.

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