C100P Tweaks

Now with charging limits!

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A bit of background on the c100p.status.sh script; I grew up with floppy-based computers that barely had an operating system, where you could listen closely and hear every single twitch the machine made. And when Windows came around, I was running it on very underspecced systems. So it was natural for me to keep an eye on everything with TinyResMeter. Cleaning up errant processes required constant vigilance. So when I moved to Linux, I immediately put together a sweet Conky setup. But over the years I've realized that Linux was pretty amazing at resource management. I didn't need to be vigilant, the OS was. And then I realized the system monitor might be chewing up 10% of my CPU with the constant updates and graphical shininess. And providing a useless distraction of flickering numbers. The eventual evolution of system monitoring has left me with the status script. It only pops up when I am curious and hit the keybind for it. (On the Flip it's bound to the goofy dedicated lock button.) It is not very efficient code with lots of bash shelling, but it runs so rarely as to hardly matter. On computers with much shorter battery life I usually compliment it with a periodic alarm script that sounds the klaxons when approaching a dangerous status, but I have not felt the need to do that here.

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