C100P Tweaks

Now with charging limits!

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  • Mainline kernel. I hear the veyron stuff is on track for being mainlined. I hope many of the below issues will magically go away on that day.
  • HMDI output. Very wonky, usually crashes X11 after a few minutes.
  • Xrandr screen rotation. Errors with cannot use rotation "left".
  • USB ethernet. The cdc_ether module will load but nothing happens.
  • Webcam. Crazy bucket of fail here. Maybe 25% of the time fswebcam can grab a single frame. Good luck with video.
  • Libreboot. The C100P is a basically the Asus C201 but dressed up in a nicer case. Hopefully Libreboot's efforts will be portable.
  • Multitouch on the panel. No idea how to get that working.
  • Alternative battery chemistry. Poking around ectool shows knobs to adjust parameters such that charging LiFePO4 might be possible. Though I'm not going to consider attempting this until the stock battery is thoroughly decayed.
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