February 2, 2009: Base layer poured.
February 3, 2009: Cookie layer created.

Original Announcing Candybar2 Base layer poured. Cookie layer created. Caramel tries to slink away. News of Nutella. The final layers are completed. Unveiling the 8 pound loaf of candy. Unveiling the 8 pound loaf of candy. Editable
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It has been a year since my last giant chocolate experiment. I've done other, less unreasonable candy making and chocolatiering projects in the interim. Making simple things has improved basic competency, but the most important lessons are learned attempting things beyond one's comfortable skills. This candy bar shall be correspondingly more ambitious and more delicious. Goals for Candybar2:

  • Better ingredients
  • More variety
  • Even bigger
  • Tempered chocolate

The first two will not be difficult. Candybar1 was made using the cheapest ingredients possible. It was made as fast as possible, largely put together in two days. Start earlier, move carefully, plan methodically and quality will naturally follow.

Size should follow suit as well. More variety means more layers, which will make the loaf rise to triumphant heights. Of course, simply starting with a wider and longer base is another option.

Tempering is still a bit insane. More experience, better equipment and boundless confidence should make the difference now.

Still in the planning stages, but this year's layers should include:

  • caramel
  • cookie
  • marshmallow
  • cherries
  • peanut butter
  • almonds
  • nutella
  • lots of chocolate


Layer Zero.

The base was made using a bread pan for the mold. I decided to do something a little strange to this layer. The base takes a lot of abuse. If it is too soft it will collapse under the weight. If it is too brittle it will snap at the slightest twist. A large amount of granulated sugar was mixed in to improve the stability. Four ounces of sugar were blended into the eight ounces of chocolate. The result was thermally stable and had a forgiving amout amount of flex. Its texture was a little strange, most similar to a nonpareille.


Cookie layer.

Much much lazier with the cookie this year. Simply crumbled up the vanilla wafers and poured chocolate over the bits. Frankly, last year's cookie layer was really weird. This is both less weird and so much less tedious.

More updates as it progresses!