A foray into fonts.

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This app converts Dwarf Fortress tilesets into TrueType Fonts. The current TTFs are made by with a closed source and slow (on the order of 30 minutes per font) AutoHotKey script for an $80 windows-only app. If the last sentence made you cringe a few times, this is the app for you. (No offense, Elvang.)

Works with BMPs or PNGs, square or rectangle. Has a handful of settings to help with making one-bit fonts (which fbterm desperately needs). Usually takes less than 30 seconds.


Requires Python, Python Imaging Library and Fontforge so it should be cross platform.

Unless you really know what you are doing, don't bother trying to ...



Source is GPL and contains some goodies like the unicode mapping for a DF font and a homebrew bitmap-to-svg converter (optimized for pixel art). Though I think the vectorizer could be a lot better, it works fine at the single native resolution.

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download: df2ttf.py

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I have several 'flavors' of Python instal...


--help docs

Usage: df2ttf.py [options] tileset.png/bmp

Convert a Dwarf Fortress PNG/BMP tileset to a TrueType Font.  See
http://kmkeen.com/df2ttf/ for more.

  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -g, --gamma       Enable gamma correction.
  -d, --dither      Enable dithering, implies -b.
  -b, --blackwhite  Create 1 bit font.