The start of a series, hopefully.

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Euell Gibbons was a bit of a childhood hero to me. I adored his books, which combine practical skills, historical references and personal anecdotes to form a very engrossing field guide / recipe book. At one point (before I was born) Euell made common TV and magazine appearances.

So what was Euell Gibbons all about? He was a champion of gathering food from the woods and empty fields and preparing gourmet dishes from it. Most of his books focus on north american plants, but he does have one devoted entirely to the shore.

Sadly, his work seems to have been largely forgotten. Echoes of it live on in several modern day movements: organic food, local food and even popular diets.

It is certainly organic. Unlike certified organic food, no pesticides or fertilizers of any kind have ever touched these plants. Local? Many are already growing in your backyard. They were probably growing there long before agriculture was introduced.

I do not have a tenth of Euell Gibbon's wit or charm with words, but here you'll find write ups of my favorite wild foods.