Flash Recovery

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  1. Copy the image. his recovery process could mess up the image, and you don't want to wait another three hours to clone the drive again.
  2. mke2fs -S mirror.img This is the crucial step. It will format the image, but only writes the high level structures. Your data stays intact. Also, it needs the identical settings used to initially format the partition. You did write these down somewhere, right?
  3. e2fsck -y mirror.img Expect this to take a very long time. Expect to run it multiple times. My first pass segfaulted. The second pass took 90 minutes and placed many files in /lost+found/.
  4. mount -o loop -t ext2 mirror.img /tmp/loop And there is the ghost of your drive.
  5. find /tmp/loop/lost+found/ -type f -print0 | xargs -0 file > /tmp/filelist
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