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Every programmer should try out Project Euler. For those unfamiliar, it is a series of programming challenges aimed at pushing the limits of your skill in any programming language. It is probably the most pure and language agnostic of any such challenge. 'Purity' in this context relates to the mathematical aspects. Many of the problems can be solved without a computer. 'Agnostic' refers to the complete lack of required interfaces. None of the programs require file access, networking or graphical output. If you are willing to hard code the initial conditions, one can get away without using input. Basic mathematical operations and the ability to report a result, common to all languages, makes it a fair test to any general purpose language. The puzzles are addictive. There are all ranges of solutions, from crude brute force to efficient elegance. Anything can be brute forced, but it is considered unfair if your program requires more than a minute to complete.

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