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Low Complexity Art needs a concatenative representation, where any string is a valid piece of code. The core of LoCoArt involves walking a fractal pattern of circles. Every circle has six neighbors of identical radius sitting on its perimeter. A seventh circle with twice the radius is the "parent" and an eighth circle with half radius is the "child". Thus, a series of numbers (0 through 7) describes a walk through an arbitrary series of circles. We are only interested in a few of the circles, so we will mark the circles of interest with a marker, or the character "M". The picture is made from arcs, which are built from three circles. When drawing an arc, it will look for the last three marks. Three circles can describe two arcs, so we need two commands for the "T"op and "B"ottom arcs. Two extra commands ("+" and "-") adjust the weight/thickness of the following arcs. Two more commands make the next flood fill "L"ighter or "D"arker. The final command "F"loods the area under the current circle. For those keeping track, this is exactly 16 commands. Technically, it is not a "language" (no programability), but rather a concatenative grammar that efficiently represents the fractal image space.

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