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The case against upstream packaging (postscript)

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<NewUser> I've never gotten OpenSCAD to work on my computer, so I don't know anything particular to it.
<@teepee> NewUser: we could help with that (hopefully) :)
<NewUser> I'm gonna upgrade my system software when Slackware proper is RTMed. We'll see then.
<@teepee> ahh, cool, slackware is still around
* teepee used that like 15 years ago
<NewUser> Not a lot. I'm also installing Arch.
<@teepee> ahh, with arch, that's easy, you just complain to keenerd if it's not working
<keenerd> teepee: Spot on :-)
<@teepee> :)
<@teepee> it's always good to know there's someone who cares
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