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  • blank() - If the clue is [0], mark every cell empty.
  • empty() - If there are no clues, mark every unknown cell as empty.
  • clean_points() - Empty cells on the end of a line can be removed.
  • center() - If a chunk is long enough to overlap itself, some points must be filled.
  • edge() - If a line starts with a filled point, then it continues for the length of the first clue.
  • edge_dot() - A special case of edge(), where the line starts with "unknown, filled" and the clue is 1.
  • unique() - Find and isolate the longest unique part of a clue.
  • cant_fit() - Chunks of unknowns too small to fit the clue must be empty.
  • cant_reach() - If the start of the last clue is known, points past its reach must be empty.
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