Paper Tape

A better RAM-less computer.

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But could you rebuild? This document was prepared on a computer, in a text editor. As a programmer, I can write an editor. I could write the programming language for the editor. As a computer engineer, I am familiar with various computer architectures. Register, stack, von Neumann, Harvard, RISC, CISC. Familiar enough that I could lay out most of the boolean gates to make the basic components of a computer. As an electrical engineer, I can take this one step further and lay out the silicon required for each gate, maybe even produce the lithography stencils for a given quality of silicon. Then things start to get a little hazy. Refining and doping the silicon crystal; temperatures, pressures, molar concentrations. The specifics of an integrated circuit foundry. Eventually the details of your domain become somebody else's business, and you would be lost without them.

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