Achieving Post-Scarcity

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Labor Of Love: Pretty much the entire F/OSS ecosystem is the best example here. Millions of hours of work that everyone benefits from, all done at no monetary cost. Aspiring artists and authors who release their work freely also fit into this category. Even if they charge a nominal fee for their work it still may count, because the nominal fee typically won't make up for the immense amount of effort. My favorite example is Timothy Albee's production of Kaze Ghost Warrior. Armed with only a pair of common personal computers, he lived a nearly monastic lifestyle in the backwaters of Alaska. Six months later he completed a high quality animation and more importantly demonstrated that such work was within the reach of a person with limited means. This might sound trivial by today's standards, with Blender's Open Movie Projects routinely cranking out increasingly impressive productions, but in 2004 it was quite a big deal.

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