Achieving Post-Scarcity

One step closer to the future

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Economy Of Scale: The traditional example is municipal utilities, cheap and reliable service that pretty much everyone can afford. In the past decade, the constantly dropping cost of computer infrastructure has created many services with operating costs so low they can be provided at no cost without significantly impacting a business's bottom line. Pay-what-you-want models for digital goods and services is a more recent development along the same lines. The creators could charge more, but they are already collecting enough for themselves and don't feel the need to wring the market dry. Louis CK is directly addressing exactly this problem by trying to eliminate scalpers and their "valuable" service of matching supply to demand. While entertainment has been making big splashes into a post-scarcity model, commodity goods have been becoming more affordable for decades as production is further automated. The two best examples I can think of are food and computers. Both have never been cheaper and prices continue to fall.

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