LCD hacks

Diffuser simulation

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This laptop is going to be used for another experiment. I had twisted it into a slow but lightweight flash based laptop years ago, and now we have netbooks. Maybe I can get another jump on the industry by making a sunlight usable laptop. Right now, the state of the art for sunlight use is the transflective screen. Surprisingly, no one is offering transflective screens. There are two netbooks coming out in India, but while the screen is awesome, the rest of the laptop is weak. There are numerous expensive and heavy ruggedized laptops with transflective screens, but those are expensive and heavy. On a whim, I gave ultraportables a glance. There is exactly one new model with a transflective screen. The Portege R600 is available with OpenSolaris for $1500. The lack of windows is extremely awesome, as the version with windows costs five hundred dollars more, same specs. Quite possibly the most egregious windows tax I have ever seen.

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