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Safauri finds the most recently added AUR packages. A random request for fun new apps on #archlinux prompted this. Why ask people when you could ask a computer? And I was looking for an excuse to play with the AUR json interface.

The AUR makes no distinction between adding a new package and updating an existing one. Since updates occur about six times as frequently, you will almost never find new applications randomly sampling the AUR RSS.


Thankfully, each new package is given the next free ID number, incrementally. There are some 19,000 packages, but because of deletions the (current) max ID is around 34,000. Finding the last/newest ID involves blind trial and error. With a decent search algo less than 100 trials are needed, but a hundred json calls still takes time. A liberal application of threading doubled or tripled the speed.


Code is on the AUR as well as here: safauri.tar.gz