Tiny Code

Floppy booting, Open Firmware, Bitlash, more Movizt.

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  • a-Linux has a 532 byte http server.
  • BashForth is a portable, no install atrocity.
  • bitlash fixes one of my complaints about the Arduino, by providing an interactive shell.
  • Bluebottle is the very modern OS built on Oberon-2.
  • Chaos Linux is a 6Mb distro for clusters.
  • Dreams is a message-passing Forth.
  • GTK-server can easily give any little program a GUI.
  • Hedgehog Lisp "Never underestimate the power of a small tactical Lisp interpreter."
  • IOCCC x-lisp is a tiny lisp interpreter, which stores all it's data structures as strings.
  • IoL4 merges the IO language and L4 microkernel. Very buggy.
  • Language Zoo contains several different styles of languages written in OCaml.
  • Lua is a common application scripting language.
  • MinForth provides windows, linux, dos and source versions.
  • OCaml Mindstorm runs on the second generation brick, the NXT.
  • pbForth for RCX is a nifty interactive Forth for the Lego Mindstorms.
  • pbLua offers a complete toolchain and is actively developed.
  • Pico Lisp is a very complete lisp system, with many libraries.
  • picoOS supplies a small real time operating system for several platforms.
  • smlisp almost made the cut, but the Modula3 library kills its size.
  • TFLC is a very small and experimental Haskell engine.
  • tinypy is missing all of my favorite features.
  • uBASIC is the only Basic listed here, and only then because it was written by the brilliant guy behind uIP.
  • XS for RCX is a Lisp shell for Lego Mindstorms.
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